Miniature painting


My name is Ryan, and I live in Toronto, Canada.  I share a common story with a large number of adult modelers and painters.  I played around with scale models as a kid, generally 1/72 WWII models, tanks and a few planes.  I still remember the Fujimi kits of the time, as they included with the main model a sprue or two of additional pieces, these ranged from scenery to my favorite, a motorcycle and side-car.  So a few years ago I got the urge to see what I could accomplish as an adult, and bought a couple kits.  I quickly found that to do they kits well you really need a lot more than the cheap brushes and paints I used as a child, thus the bad combo of an adults desire to do a good job and the wallet of someone that has a full time job and no serious expenses.

I still do work on model kits every-so-often, but now I have moved on to the world of miniature war gaming.  To be honest I do not play any of the games, I just collect and paint the miniatures.  I have quite a large collection of Lord of the Rings miniatures, and a fair collection of spaceship miniatures.  The spaceships range from a number of fleets of Babylon 5 ships, to non-license based generic ships.  I also recently completed a model wooden boat, and just bought a second more complex kit.

I tend to see the work of readying and painting the miniatures and models as being very a kin to meditation, and enjoy the work and challenge immensely.  I try to always paint to the best of my abilities, and have a rule that I need to try new techniques almost every time I paint, to make sure I am constantly improving and evolving.

I hope you enjoy the material you find here, and if you have any questions I would be very happy to answer them.



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