Miniature painting

First post

I had been thinking about starting a blog to share how I paint my miniatures for quite a while, and today I finally sat down and did it.  What really helped me decide to do it is my current project, I am working on a custom Narn ship from the Babylon 5 universe inspired by this image from DeviantArt  It is two Var’Nic ships and the central part of a Thentus crusier.  I am just working on the second to last layer of highlights, so I should have it posted here real soon.

Some of my other ongoing projects include:

30+ one inch StarWars fighters from Studio Bergstrom

25 or so Oness ships and associated fighters from Brigade Models

just got 12 plastic generic one inch fighters from EM4 miniatures

While there are a large number of boxes on the shelves that I can’t wait to jump into.

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