Miniature painting

Moria Goblins

Just finished these within the last few days, and am now finally getting them up online.  Had a bit of a scare, after I took the photos and was uploading them to the computer I couldn’t find any of my previous photos.  Took me a while to realize that I was missing an entire harddrive.  After performing a few tests I just opened up my case, and the power lead had come a little loose.  Of course until I actually got it up and running again I was very worried that the drive had died, and I would have lost everything on it.  Lucky me it was an easy fix.

Now onto the minis.


I have had these guys sitting on a shelf for ever.  I bought the first Games Workshop box set for the Fellowship of the Ring, which included 24 goblins (I think), and over the years I picked up an additional box of 24, a number of Prowlers, Durbuz, some shamans, and some of the metal normal goblins off of eBay.  All told I have 80 goblins.  I am a fan of doing things in batches so all 80 were cleaned up, based, primed, and had the bases base-coated at once.  I also made the decision to alter them a little, as I had 48 plastic generic goblins, that repeated the same pose and weapons more often than I would like.  I only cut up a few, the vast majority got weapon swaps, almost all of the weapons came from Thunderbolt Mountain.    Between the different ranges on their site there is a really good selection of weapons.  I figured the goblins had either made a few different weapons, or most likely stole them from dead foes.




One response

  1. tony

    hello there,

    this is tremendous work, I hope you still read my comment

    can you tell me in simpler steps what paints and how to paint them- reading all the paragraphs are too long to remember, i would appreciate this greatly.



    February 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm

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