Miniature painting

Moria Goblins continued

The bases for these were pretty straight forward, just kitty litter as the rocks and sand for the rest of the ground.  I decided that I would paint the bases before doing the model, mainly to avoid getting paint on the finished mini.  So the whole mini was first primed black with automotive primer, and then using my airbrush I painted the bases Codex Grey, this was followed by a heavy black wash.  Then successive highlights with Codex Grey, Fortress Grey and White.  I then repainted the mini black to cover all the paint that got on them.  This process worked really well, trying to do that much dry brushing around a finished mini would have driven me crazy.


I chose four different colours for the skin.  I acutally bought about ten different colours and then using a large pad tried them all out to see which I liked best.  I chose Goblin Green and Camo Green from GW and Olive Green and Yellow Green from Vallejo, all of them were lightened with Bleached Bone for the highlights.  The reds were done with Games Workshop reds, and the last highlight got a touch of a Golden Acrylics Orange, so that it didn’t look too pink.




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