Miniature painting

Finished Brigade Models ONESS fleet

Just put the finishing touches on these ships today.  This fleet has taken me a very long time to finish.  While I was going through my photos of this fleet, I found some work-in-progess photos that date back to June of 2010.  So a year and almost a half, now to be honest I put these away on the shelf a number of times.  The highlighting of every little panel just got the better of me too many times, and I would leave this project for a while and work on something else.  And of course anytime a new purchase showed up it would get all the attention, for a few days at least.  So like usual I have tonnes of photos of these guys, I will have to show some restraint in posting too many.

A big family shot to start us off.


These are all from Bridage Models, and are German or as they call it ONESS.  I can’t find any reference as to what that actually stands for. EDIT: Thanks to Aapsych20 on The Miniatures Page I now know that it stands for the Organisation of North European Sovereign States.

Now the Carrier and her Fighters.


Next the smaller ships, Destroyers and Frigates.


And then all the Capital Ships.


Not to show too much bias, but that last shot is my favorite.

Well that is a start, I have a number of posts that will follow; more detailed photos of each ship type, and some tutorials.

Hope you like them.  Feel free to add a comment.

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